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Die Antwoord’s Icky ‘Cookie Thumper’ Video Packs a Painful Surprise Ending

Die Antwoord 'Cookie Thumper' Video Donker Mag album

Cautionary tales rarely come as irreverently horrifying as this. The South African rave-rap posse Die Antwoord are gearing up for a new album — Donker Mag, expected February 2014 — and they’ve just shared the first song and video from the thing. “Cookie Thumper” is a song about a girl who takes an interest in an older local boy who’s recently been released from prison. She’s attracted to his gangster ways and fancies herself pretty tough, too, but hasn’t fully thought through her obsession with him and the ways in which his time behind bars may have changed him or, well, his habits. The track and its Ninja-directed clip share a surprise, ick, finish, as Yo-Landi Vi$$er plays the female lead, rapping in high-pitched barrage of Zef slang and English. For full lyrics, including translations, visit the YouTube page. Otherwise … enjoy?