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Deerhoof Transform an Exorcism Into a Dance Party in ‘Breakup Songs’ Video

Deerhoof 'Breakup Songs' Video Excorcism

San Francisco art-rock enthusiasts Deerhoof are known for keeping it weird, and they hardly disappoint with the new video for “Breakup Songs.” The semi-titular track from the band’s 11th album Breakup Song is brief but memorable — two minutes of disjointed instrumentation that shambles its way to a strange sort of pop as vocalist Satomi Matsuzaki shout-sings three phrases in succession: “When you say it’s all over,” “Hell yeah,” and “Anyway.” Stereogum has just premiered the video, which is equally enigmatic and, eventually, oddly upbeat. When the Pieter Dirkx-directed clip begins, we meet some sort of shaman in a Shyamalan-esque bird mask, trudging through a medieval town and inspiring tributes of brightly colored vomit from whoever he passes. When the creepy figure reaches his destination an exorcism becomes an unlikely dance party.

In related news, Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier made it onto our recent 100 Greatest Drummers of Alternative Music list — he’s also launched a project with Sean Lennon called Mystical Weapons.