David Lynch and Lykke Li Go for a Very Long Drive in ‘I’m Waiting Here’ Video

David Lynch Lykke Li 'I'm Waiting Here' Video The Big Dream

“We made love where the horizon ends,” coos Lykke Li on David Lynch’s “I’m Waiting Here.” The Swedish songstress’ hypnotic voice pairs perfectly with the surrealist director’s dreamy ’50s-flavored doo-wop and the new video for the song seems to take inspiration from that memorable line. Conceived by Li with Los Angeles artist Daniel DeSure, the clip is simple yet engrossing, taking the point of view of a speeding car on a seemingly endless drive through what appears to be the California desert. The place where sky meets earth seems to be the goal, but it’s obviously a destination that can never be reached. Eerily, no other cars are seen moving in either direction until the very end when, after nightfall, we take a sudden turn into a roadside motel parking lot. “Waiting” hails from Lynch’s forthcoming second album, The Big Dream, due July 16 via Sacred Bones. For more on the director’s contributions to music, find out how Twin Peaks has influenced an entire generation of bands.


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