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David Letterman Is Really Into Those Drums You Got There

David Letterman Drums Supercut Bands

David Letterman like drums. Like, really likes drums. In the supercut above, we see over two minutes of the Late Show host complimenting his musical guests’ kits, asking them whether they rented the things and occasionally offering to buy them. Canadian broadcaster CBC compiled the clip after noticing the inordinate amount of attention Dave pays the instrument in his post-performance banter.

We see St. Vincent, TV on the Radio, Tegan and Sara, OK Go, the Black Keys (twice!), and a handful of other bands fielding Letterman’s percussive inquiries above, often while the acts’ front-folks respond awkwardly to the unexpected diversion of attention. “How old are these drums?” he asks at one point, and then: “What sex are they?”

The host has questions for the occasional cello, French horn, and harmonium, too — oh, and that crazy synthesizer we noted in James Blake’s May showcase of “Retrograde.” Now we know which position Letterman was angling for when he asked Queens of the Stone Age if he could join the band. As CBC points out, he does indeed play the drums. Heads up, Grohl.