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Ciara Literally Gets Served Legal Papers Onstage During Her Show

Ciara gets served legal papers onstage gay pride video

Remember in Pineapple Express how Seth Rogen’s character is a process server who goes around in disguise, tracking people down and handing them legal papers when they’re least expecting it? He’s all, “You’ve been served.”

Well, Atlanta R&B singer Ciara got a real-life dose of servitude Saturday night. In the middle of Ciara’s performance during Los Angeles’ Pride parade, a women, who the singer mistook for a fan, reached out and handed Ciara something, which she accepted, as seen in the video above. Turns out that woman was delivering notice of legal action after Ciara backed out of a set at The Factory in West Hollywood the night before. A rep for the singer maintains that Ciara’s commitment to the 2013 L.A. Pride parade prohibited other performances that weekend, and that the Factory was given adequate notice of the cancellation but continued to promote it anyway.

“She got served. She threw them away, she got served though,” the process server says into the camera. “Let’s roll,” the camera man responds. Guess they weren’t fans at all.