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Chief Keef Drops Two Tracks: Hear Woozy ‘Round Da Rosey’ and Career Throwback ‘Loud’

Chicago teen rapper Chief Keef, for better or worse, doesn’t care what people think of him. This year, for instance, he put out the devilishly catchy song “Macaroni Time.” After already spending a month in juvie, he was arrested a few more times — once for allegedly smoking weed in his hotel room in Atlanta, then for speeding in Chicago. His explanation for the latter incident, as told to police, was “that’s a fast car, that’s why I bought it.” He also said he was going to hit Katy Perry.

Which brings us to the video for “Round Da Rosey,” above. Slated to appear on Keef’s upcoming Almighty So mixtape, the track is as advertised: melody and lyrics based loosely on the child’s game of the same name. Like nearly all of Keef’s recent music, it’s a woozy head trip of a song fighting its way through pools of cough syrup and thick clouds of weed smoke.

Then there’s “Loud,” a second song surfaced this weekend, this time off producer DJ Kenn’s American Dream mixtape. Kenn’s orbited the rapper since the very early days, but took a back seat as Keef’s career took off. “Loud” is a lurching track more in the vein of those first days — more straightforward and less bewildering. Hear it below.