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Charli XCX Bewitches on JESUS MILLION’s Hazy, Blippy ‘Illusions Of’


Charli XCX’s ear for heady electronic cloudscapes should be beyond reproach. On her excellent debut album True Romance, the British singer thrillingly reclaims Gold Panda’s “You” as a brutal dirt-off-your-shoulder dismissal, but that’s just the start. She also recently transformed Norwegian space-disco maestro Lindstrøm’s “F??r-i-k??l” into apocalyptically romantic pop with her unmistakable brash sensibility (on display in poppier form on her Supergirls Superlove and I Like Boys Who Cry mixes). Now, Idolator points to the “I Love It” co-songwriter’s latest collaboration with Boston produced J£ZUS MILLION, who previously oversaw True Romance tracks “What I Like” and “Cloud Aura.”

Set to appear on U.K. record label Double Denim’s upcoming Double Denim Vol. 1 compilation, due in September, “Illusions Of” swathes Charli XCX in some her most warped, cracked-mirror shadows yet. It’s woozy, fractured, bass-heavy electronic-pop, and Charli XCX’s contribution is no less disjointed, veering from the Glen Campbell-channeling image “rhinestone roses for a rhinestone cowgirl” to more generic talk about being “ready to fall in love.” For a long period, the lead vocals cut out completely. It wouldn’t have been a standout on the album, but when Charli XCX unites with J£ZUS MILLION, even their lesser tracks can be darkly compelling.