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Charli XCX Explores ‘Interior’ Design of the Heart on New Song

Charli XCX 'Interior' True Romance Stream

We already know that Charli XCX is a workaholic, and that’s to our benefit. Now, hot on the heels of releasing her brooding party album True Romance (also: collaborating with Marina & the Diamonds, covering the Backstreet Boys, remixing Lindstrøm, and getting remixed by Blood Diamonds), the English electro-pop star has shared a previously unreleased song called “Interior.” While the video for “Take My Hand” displayed the dingy decor of a surreal club, the lyrics of this new one explore the internal decor of the human heart — a fitting metaphor coming from an artist who so handily welds genuine emotion to enticing style. As for the sound of the song, it’s an upbeat bubbler powered by drums ripped from the early ’90s, chopped and pitch-shifted vocals à la Kate Bush, the occasional laser blast, and jagged shards of post-punk guitar. Charli is currently on the road with Marina.