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Cass McCombs Asks What It’s Like to Crap in the Cosmos on ‘Morning Star’

Cass McCombs 'Morning Star' Video

Mysterious folky Cass McCombs has made a point of maintaining privacy throughout his career, rarely granting interviews and never settling in one city for very long. It seems he’s now got his eyes set on the most exotic of locales: outer space. And what he wants to do when he gets there is indeed a very private matter. On the new song “Morning Star,” over lovely strumming and humble hand percussion, he queries ever so tenderly, “What’s it like to shit in space?” McCombs being McCombs, he manages to infuse even that line with a certain wide-eyed philosophical curiosity. Meanwhile, the almost beachy song, though spare, is still a bit of a departure from Wit’s End or Humor Risk, both from 2011 and tending toward the hushed and sluggish. Directed by Patrick O’Dell, the accompanying video includes vintage skateboarding footage that helps lend to the tracks breezy bygone vibes.