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Watch Broken Social Scene’s Homecoming Reunion at Field Trip Festival

broken social scene video field trip toronto festival you forgot it in people

Broken Social Scene made the best of its reunion this past weekend at the Field Trip Music & Arts Festival in Toronto. After announcing a permanent hiatus following a November 8, 2011 show in Rio de Janeiro, Toronto’s favorite musical collective announced in January that it would reunite to play the June 8 festival at Fort York and Garrison Common in Toronto to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their record label, Arts & Crafts. Then came a Fallon performance with Feist, the new song “Day of the Kid,” and now, finally, fan footage of the beloved Canucks rolling through iconic 2003 album You Forgot It in People.

The set included rarity “Jimmy and the Photocall” — featuring Metric guitarist James Shaw, for whom the song is written — “KC Accidental,” “Lover’s Spit,” and plenty of giddy, fanatic cheers and applause.

Also captured: Mastermind Kevin Drew berates the besmirched Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, declaring, “We’ve got to get this city back. Because this city is going to shit. It really is. And it doesn’t deserve to, it’s a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful town, and it’s people like you and so many others who aren’t here who make it a great place and can we try to do something? You have to. You don’t really have a choice. That man does not belong in the fucking city hall.” Which was followed by audible cheers of “Fuck Rob Ford,” and “Fucking right!”