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Alela Diane Bids Adieu to Bad Romance in ‘About Farewell’ Video

Nevada City songsmith gets intimate in black and white

The titular track from Alela Diane’s forthcoming About Farewell functions as a distillation of the album’s most salient emotions and themes. The pain of divorce, the light in letting go, hard-fought hope, and seeking truth and beauty even in those things which had to end. And it doesn’t hurt that over that minimally plucked guitar and those other airy tones, Diane unspools such gorgeous melody that you can’t help but experience what she’s feeling.

The Nevada City, California native will release her fourth album on June 25, and in honor of the occasion she’s given us the video above to share. Directed by Michael Palmieri (Beck, the Strokes, Foo Fighters, New Pornographers), the clip is fittingly simple: black and white, with colorful flourishes, following Diane as she sings about getting free, and a small bird attempts to find its way out of her home.