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Young Fathers Play Out Crucifixion Fantasy on Spooky ‘Mr. Martyr’ Single

Young Fathers 'Mr. Martyr' TAPE TWO Stream

Afro-Scottish art-rap posse Young Fathers are inching ever closer to the release date of their second (nearly full-length) EP, TAPE TWO, which means more ghostly soul-pop strangeness for us to pick apart. SPIN debuted the first track from the June 11 Anticon set, “I Heard,” back in April, and while that song focused on the group’s propensity for pained crooning and TV on the Radio-style harmonics, the latest is an urgent, jagged affair that highlights their Shabazz-like broken chants and creeping production skills. “Mr. Martyr” builds slowly in small surges of rhyme, song, and sound effects, then explodes into a whirlwind of voices and percussion, sounding not unlike a genuine Yeasayer freak-out. Our first introduction to the trio came via “Romance” from January’s TAPE ONE. Rumor has it their full-length debut is just about wrapped and a U.S. date or two are on the horizon. Pre-order TAPE TWO on CD, vinyl, and cassette over at the Anticon webstore.