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Watch Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Psychedelically Blood-Sucking ‘Mosquito’ Video

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Mosquito," video

“So maybe Yeah Yeah Yeahs are not the smartest or the strongest band, but we fucking adapt, man.” So Karen O told SPIN in our cover story on the New York rock heroes. She’s referring to Charles Darwin’s ideas about evolution, and how they explain the fact Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ fourth album, Mosquito, is titled after an almost 80-million-year-old species of insect. The newly released video for the seething title track from that album also follows our greedy-fly antihero, though from a less scientific perspective. Directed by Beomsik Shimbe Shim, whose work includes surreal animated short The Wonder Hospital, the clip shows a mosquito sucking blood, gradually turning psychedelic colors, while O wails, “He’ll suck your blood.” There’s a young boy in a small split screen image lower in the frame, though. And considering what the band has said comparing their adaptability to that of mosquitos, the clip comes to what could be seen as a self-deprecating end.