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Watch Wilco Drummer Glenn Kotche Actually Play the Kitchen Sink in Faucet Commercial

Wilco Glenn Kotche Delta Faucet Commercial Video

Both within Wilco and as a solo composer, drummer Glenn Kotche is known for using everything but the kitchen sink (scrap metal, hubcaps, homemade thingamajigs) to create his percussive works. Now, he can be seen actually using the kitchen sink to that same end thanks to innovative faucet designer Delta. In the clip above, Kotche demonstrates their new “Touch20 Technology,” which allows users to start and stop the flow of water with a simple tap. The two luminaries in their usually mutually exclusive fields came together to develop a custom drum kit involving glasses, colanders, cups, and pots, upon which Kotche performs a unique rendition of the Four Tops’ 1966 Motown classic, “Reach Out I’ll Be There.” As weird as all of this seems on paper, we’re actually left wanting more — 30 seconds is enough to show off your awesome faucets, sure, but all we really care about is that dude’s mad hands doing their thing. As Pitchfork points out, this isn’t the first time the Wilco fam has been involved in an unusual ad. Check out their 2012 Sprint collab below: