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See When Saints Go Machine’s Crystalline ‘Iodine’ Video

When Saints Go Machine / Photo by Thomas Skou

When Saints Go Machine’s apocalyptic clip for “Love and Respect” took a liberal interpretation of its source material, casting the synth-lined lead single off the Danish foursome’s upcoming Infinity Pool LP as the soundtrack for a futuristic political thriller. Contrastly, the video for “Iodine,” the electro crew’s second dip into Infinity Pool, is far more literal. Creators Kristian Nordentoft and William Reynish move the lens at a glacial pace and focus on pictures of actual iodine crystals, which are given added depth thanks to a camera mapping technique. The short doesn’t feature much of a narrative — an explorer delves into a cave to swipe some of said crystals — but the combination of striking visuals and the song’s soulful groove says enough.