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See When Saints Go Machine’s Crystalline ‘Iodine’ Video

Copenhagen outfit share second clip in support of 'Infinity Pool' LP, out May 28 via !K7

When Saints Go Machine’s apocalyptic clip for “Love and Respect” took a liberal interpretation of its source material, casting the synth-lined lead single off the Danish foursome’s upcoming Infinity Pool LP as the soundtrack for a futuristic political thriller. Contrastly, the video for “Iodine,” the electro crew’s second dip into Infinity Pool, is far more literal. Creators Kristian Nordentoft and William Reynish move the lens at a glacial pace and focus on pictures of actual iodine crystals, which are given added depth thanks to a camera mapping technique. The short doesn’t feature much of a narrative — an explorer delves into a cave to swipe some of said crystals — but the combination of striking visuals and the song’s soulful groove says enough.