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Arrest Warrant Issued for Tim Dog, ‘Dead’ Since February

Tim Dog Arrest Warrant Judge Faked Death Scam

Last week we brought you the unusual story of Tim Dog, the gangsta-provocateur turned Internet-scammer who reportedly died of diabetes-related causes on February 14 — unless he didn’t. One of the known victims of his dating service hustle recently suggested that Timothy Blair may have faked his own death in order to escape his debts. A Mississippi judge has now issued a warrant for the supposedly deceased rapper’s arrest.

“I need proof,” Hernando-based prosecutor Steven Jubera told news station WREG. He convicted Blair in 2011, and filed a motion with a judge on Tuesday (May 21) to revoke the man’s probation. “I need a death certificate showing that’s he’s dead because as far as I’m concerned, he’s alive.” He also added that if Tim Dog is indeed alive, he’ll have pulled off the greatest scam in the history of hip-hop. Apparently he hasn’t heard of Vanilla Ice.

As previously reported, Blair owes larceny victim Esther Pilgrim nearly $20,000, but his payments to her stopped coming after his alleged passing. Neither she nor WREG’s hired private investigator were able to locate a death certificate however. In their latest report, WREG spoke to producer Ced-Gee who not only worked with Tim Dog as a member of Ultramagnetic MCs, but produced his biggest hit, 1991’s “Fuck Compton.”

Ced shared that he refused to speak at Blair’s funeral because the family was unable to produce proof that he’d ever actually died. He added that as far as he knows, the service never actually happened anyhow. As Pitchfork points out, most major music outlets (including SPIN) reported the story of Blair’s passing without confirming the news via independent sources, and the original article from The Source can no longer be found.