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Indie Rock Super Friends Form Thriftstore Masterpiece, Cover Lee Hazelwood’s ‘Railroad’

Thriftstore Masterpiece Isaac Brock 'The Railroad' Lee Hazelwood

Lee Hazlewood’s 1963 cowboy-psych debut Trouble Is a Lonesome Town is set to get a star-studded remake courtesy of Thriftstore Masterpiece, a “revolving music collective devoted to paying homage to the underdog records of years past.” Helmed by Oregon-based producer Charles Normal, the forthcoming debut LP is set to include contributions from the Pixies’ Frank Black, Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock, Courtney Taylor-Taylor of the Dandy Warhols, Eddie Argos of Art Brut, singer-songwriter Pete Yorn, and Normal’s late brother Larry Norman, considered a pioneer of Christian rock. According to SideOneDummy Records, who will release Trouble on July 9, the Hazlewood record is the first in a series to come from this crew. The project began several years ago but was stalled when Larry died of heart failure in 2008. At Brock’s urging, Normal picked it up again and wrangled a few more guests. Take in the full track list below, after hearing the Brock-led version of “The Railroad,” an upbeat yet ramshackle jam about being a man on the move.

Thriftstore Masterpiece, Trouble Is a Lonely Town track list:

1. “Long Black Train” featuring Frank Black
2. “Ugly Brown” featuring Larry Norman
3. “Son of a Gun” featuring Frank Black
4. “We All Make the Flowers Grow” featuring Kristin Blix
5. “Run Boy Run” featuring Frank Black
6. “Six Feet of Chain” featuring Pete Yorn
7. “The Railroad” featuring Isaac Brock
8. “Look at That Woman” featuring Courtey Taylor-Taylor
9. “Peculiar Guy” featuring Eddie Argos
10. “Trouble Is a Lonesome Town” featuring Larry Norman