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Thom Yorke to Make Audit Music (for a Film)

Thom Yorke Massive Attack Score The UK Gold Tax Film

Thom Yorke and Massive Attack founder Robert “3D” Del Naja will be scoring a forthcoming feature-length documentary about tax evasion. The Wire star Dominic West is set to narrate The UK Gold, directed by journalist and filmmaker Mark Donne. The film will premiere at London’s Troxy Theatre on June 25, and will be followed by a musical performance from a “secret” artist.

The movie’s website sets the scene: “As Olympic gold medals pumped the UK with pride in 2012, vast financial hauls were being secretly processed within a few miles of the Olympic stadium.” The story follows a vicar from the London Borough of Hackney as he attempts to take on the British financial institution and the tax havens that it implicitly props up.

“This is a political documentary, but more than anything else it is an extraordinary story,” Donne told the Telegraph. “To have a quintessentially English figure embarking on an odyssey to understand how London remains the financial capital of the world is in itself a fascinating narrative. To have this journey unfurling at the exact time that the eyes of the world were on this country, during the Jubilee and the Olympics, gives the story a powerful twist. A pretty stunning soundtrack from the creative hearts of Radiohead and Massive Attack creates a spellbinding experience.”

Hopefully Yorke is in the habit of making sure everything is in its right place when Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs comes knocking every year.