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Hear T-Pain Rescue the Lonely Island’s One-Note ‘I F—ked My Aunt’

The Lonely Island, T-Pain, 'I Fucked My Aunt'

T-Pain’s cyborg cry, once an inescapable part of the pop landscape, has rarely sounded so refreshing. The Auto-Tune crooner guests on the latest track from the Lonely Island’s upcoming The Wack Album, “I F—ked My Aunt.” The joke of the song itself is that it’s whispery, LL Cool J-style slow-jam rap about, yup, f—king their aunt (pronounced both ways, for your pleasure). So replay value may be limited. But when T-Pain arrives around the two-minute mark for a free-flowing verse that shifts from tut-tutting the Lonely Island boys for f—king their aunts to acknowledging that T-Pain, too, f—ked his aunt — at least depending on what your definition of “f—ked” is, so long as that definition includes “f—king”? Well, damn. We didn’t see that in the Behind the Music.