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The Lonely Island and Robyn Mock Dance Crazes in Faux-Viral ‘Go Kindergarten’ Video

The Lonely Island, Robyn, "Go Kindergarten," video

“So raise your glass / Then break the glass / Then stomp your bare feet on the glass,” Swedish pop queen Robyn gamely sings on the Lonely Island’s latest offering from June 11’s The Wack Album, “Go Kindergarten.” Accompanied by a lo-fi video of dancers wearing bags on their heads as hashtagged phrases flash across the screen, the bass-dropping track is the comedy rap group’s version of viral dance crazes like Baauer’s “Harlem Shake.” While it’s tough to come up with phrases funnier to shout than the material they’re spoofing — dance crazes go viral for a reason, after all — they get some chortle-out-loud lines in here, though maybe nothing that that will inspire you to make a “Go Kindergarten” video of your own. (The “audio only” text in the title suggests a more official-looking clip could still be in the works.)

The clip is the latest in a series of a “Wack Wednesdays” releases that include Solange-graced “Semicolon,” T-Pain-salvaged “I Fucked My Aunt,” and guest-free “Diaper Money.” Our biggest laughs so far still came from “Spring Break,” which deserves its own viral mash-up with Ke$ha’s Riff Raff-reminiscent new “Crazy Kids” clip. Go nuts, go ape, go ham. Hell, just go kindergarten.