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The Lonely Island Make It Rain ‘Diaper Money’ in ‘Wack’ Video

The Lonely Island, "Diaper Money," video

If you don’t listen to much rap music and think most of it consists of self-serious boasting about wealth, and if you think the old-fashioned image of married women as frigid and sexless is inherently funny, then the Lonely Island’s new video must be hilarious. “Diaper Money,” the latest track from star-studded June 11 record The Wack Album, proclaims that it’s on some “grown-ass man shit.” But from our observations, grown-ass men tend to have it pretty good, relatively speaking, and the best rap songs boasting about wealth are actually a lot funnier than this (see Tyga’s “Rack City,” which contains the line, “Got your grandma on my dick”).

The video is a literal take on the song’s lyrics about diapers, “wife pussy,” and grave plots. If you think about it, the line about not being able to have sex with his wife “unless she says I can” is almost as rape-y as the one that got Rick Ross in so much trouble, but somehow we doubt these grown-ass men will get in as much trouble as a real rapper. Unfortunately, T-Pain, who rescued Wack‘s one-dimensional “I Fucked My Aunt” and who has seemingly relevant experience on the hook to Lil Wayne’s “I Got Money,” does not return here. Man, remember when “Lazy Sunday” seemed like just about the funniest thing ever? Yeah, YouTube was new then.