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See The-Dream Pimp Beyond the Thunderdome in ‘IV Play’ Video

The-Dream IV Play Video Album

The-Dream isn’t worried about radio play or foreplay. He’s here to deliver an authentic love-making experience sans filler, frills, or other parties’ preconceived notions of what such an experience should entail. The titular track of his forthcoming long-delayed album IV Play makes that more than clear — as did those collaborations with Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Fabolous — and that might have something to do with his future status as Supreme Alpha Male, as seen in the new video above. The clip for “IV Play” finds Terius Nash wearing a variety of noteworthy hats and strange coats in a dusty, dystopian environment while a bevy of wasteland women court his attention. (One demonstrates the structural integrity of her rear end as a potential shelf, which could be quite useful in a post-apocalyptic environment.) The-Dream maintains utmost poise in every scene while the Thunderdome stripper squad members, clearly the direct descendants of Tina Turner’s Aunty Entity, work to prove their worth. IV Play is out May 28 via Radio Killa and Def Jam.