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TEEN Celebrate Summer by Giving Out Roses, Dancing Crazily in ‘Carolina’ Video

TEEN 'Carolina' Video EP Megha Barnabas

Brooklyn haze-pop posse TEEN released their Carolina EP on Carpark earlier this week (May 28) and they’re celebrating with roses. Well, Megha Barnabas is, at least. The local performance artist directs and stars in the new video for the short set’s titular song, passing out flowers to strangers as she dances with equally goofy and seductive aplomb. According to the label, the clip was shot on May Day, “the midpoint between the spring equinox and summer solstice.” Barnabas, “enacting her playful rite to TEEN’s modern heartsick refrains, is at once at odds and in harmony with the encircling city.” Indeed, there is something out of time about the Spandex-wearing woman as she flits about, working her way from the Flower District in the morning to Times Square in the eve. Barnabas reaches her destination just as the video transitions from lilting dream to tense heaviness, and she changes her dance to reflect the new gnarl. At one point, Mickey Mouse gives her a stare.