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Hear Dubstep Supergroup Destroid’s Full-Length Debut ‘Invasion’

'The Invasion' Cover Art

Nearly a year after being named composers of one of the 30 Greatest Dubstep Songs of All Time, Canadian bloody-knuckle knob-punching badboys Downlink and Excision (alongside Pendulum drummer KJ Sawka) have joined forces for the headbanging, neck-snapping, gut-punching, metal-heavy soundtrack to the robot takeover. Together as Destroid, they are releasing Destroid – the Invasion tomorrow on their own Destroid Music, a 10-song wubsplosion or menacing robot voices, 8-bit terror, ’80s horror synths, awesomely disgusting buzzsaw blurpage, acid-bathed textures, and completely nuclear drops. This band might be one of the heaviest thing you see at Metallica’s Orion Music + More Festival — no small feat since they’re scheduled against the freakin’ Deftones. Get your Reel Steel suits on and get ready to start a robo-pit!

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