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Snoop Dogg and Craig Robinson Politely Request That You ‘Take Yo Panties Off’

Snoop Dogg Craig Robinson 'Take Yo Panties Off' This Is the End

Earlier this month we hipped you to the “amazing-in-theory” collaboration between Snoop Lion Dogg and The Office star Craig Robinson for the forthcoming This Is the End soundtrack. Today, we’re happy to report that the proposed hypothesis has withstood all of the empirical data we’ve thrown at it: “Take Yo Panties Off” is, in fact, amazing. So much so that the first words out of the Doggfather’s mouth when he hears that sumptuous beat are, “Oh wow.” The piano-laced love song finds these two smooth operators making their desires known without a lick of ambiguity. To wit, here’s Robinson, wearing his best sexed-up Midnight Vultures coo: “Somebody told me one time ask / Ask and you shall receive / So this is me being very polite / Take your panties off … pleeeeeaaaaase.” Lonely Island who? Get yourself into a comfortable position and click the button below: