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Skrillex’s Job Is Better Than Yours: NASA Edition

Skrillex in virtual space / Photo by NASA's Johnson Space Center

If you follow the Twitter feed of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, you’ll know that Skrillex has been spending the afternoon at the space agency’s facilities in Houston, Texas. What has he been doing there? Oh, the usual: taking a virtual-reality spacewalk, meeting astronaut Mike Massimino, eating space food in the Astronaut Food Lab (which looks suspiciously like a conference room, but hey, budgets are tight), even driving rovers and going on board the freaking space shuttle. (No, we’re not envious. Not even a little.) We hope that Skrillex has been paying attention to his guided tour, because he’s been live-tweeting the whole thing, from the world’s biggest indoor pool to what looks like the world’s biggest tea strainer, which we can only imagine would come in handy if they ever do find water on Mars.

Why is he there? When asked, Skrillex’s publicist replied, “I’m gonna be dead honest with you, they won’t tell me why they went. In fact, I don’t think THEY know why they went, basically they hit me up a year ago asking to give him a tour, I can only assume that’s what’s going on.”

Either that, or it’s on some top-secret insect-overlord and/or lizard-people business. It’s conceivable that the restless EDM innovator is researching hi-tech tricks to incorporate into his increasingly elaborate stage shows; he could be trying out zero-gravity maneuvers in his effort to attain the perfect drop. It’s also entirely possible that he’s just there on a goodwill mission whose purpose is to give the space agency a little extra publicity. In which case, it’s working. NASA’s Mars Exploration Rovers are out (of earth’s orbit) now, in an extremely limited edition.