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Sigur Ros, Bjork Welcome ‘The Simpsons’ to Iceland

sigur ros, simpsons, bjork

This past season, The Simpsons have turned Tom Waits, Carrie Brownstein, and the Decemberists yellow, and last night, Springfield’s finest welcomed Icelandic iconcs Sigur Rós and Björk into the animated fold. “The Saga of Carl,” the penultimate episode of the classic cartoon’s 24th season, featured music and a guest appearance by post-rock luminaries Sigur Rós, as well as a cameo from Björk. The episode focuses on Homer’s search for his friend (and beloved supporting character) Carl Carlson, who runs away to his home country of Iceland. Björk shows up in her infamous swan dress for a sight gag at around the 11:15 mark, while Sigur Rós come onscreen at 17:40. Watch the entire episode here.