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See ?uestlove and Nardwuar’s 45-Minute Geek Battle Royale

?uestlove Nardwuar Interview 2013 Human Serviette the Roots Fallon

What do you get when you put two guys who know absolutely everything there is to know about music in front of a camera together for 45 minutes? If those fellas are King Cool himself Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson and highly idiosyncratic interviewer Nardwuar the Human Serviette, then you’ve got a very rewarding lunch break ahead of you — a fascinating conversation between two pop-culture geniuses who blow each other’s minds every few minutes. For the uninitiated, Nardwaur has been doing his thing since the late ’80s, eschewing music journalism clichés in favor of questions/reveals that reference very specific elements of an artist’s personal history. Also, he brings gifts that invariably lead to the shock on the subject’s part, followed by intensely enthusiastic or emotional discussion (also known as “geeking out). It’s often humanizing to see your favorite artist at the other end of Nardwuar’s microphone, but in the case of ?uestlove, it only confirms our suspicions that the Roots drummer and producer is, in fact, a walking, talking encyclopedia. Among the topics discussed: Stevie Wonder, Tuff Crew, Philadelphia graffiti, The Cosby Show, and Hawaiian Punch, to name a few.