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Watch Queens of the Stone Age’s Warped ‘My God Is the Sun’ Video

Queens of the Stone Age, "My God Is the Sun," video

As Queens of the Stone Age prepare to release new album …Like Clockwork on June 4 via Matador Records, their fifth video from the LP continues an inscrutably dark run-up that began, let’s remember, with a single Twitpic. So far, …Like Clockwork cover art designer Boneface has dreamed up images and Liam Brazier has turned them into animation for “I Appear Missing,” “Kalopsia,” “Keep Your Eyes Peeled,” and “If I Had a Tail.” Today’s video is for powerhouse first single “My God Is the Sun,” which the band originally debuted live, and it sticks to the zombie-apocalypse vibe of its predecessors. Just when it looks like our heroes might escape through some kind of floating portal held aloft by birds, we’re left with a bleak and enigmatic conclusion.

The Internet-savvy may be aware that QOTSA’s album, which features recent SPIN cover star Dave Grohl among other huge-name guests, snuck onto file-sharing networks earlier this week. But you can’t leak a codeine cabaret.