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Why It Doesn’t Pay to Heckle Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump

Patrick Stump / Photo by Getty Images

Earlier today on Twitter, Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump went on an 18-tweet rant directed at a heckler that he later revealed to be professional troll Shane Morris. (In March, the frontman wrote a lengthy blog post lambasting internet culture’s tendency toward ignorant, insecure hatred, using Nickelback as an example.) Stump didn’t reveal the exact genesis of his beef with Morris, but it’s not too hard to paint a picture. Here are some illuminating tweets, but you should really go and read the entire thing.

Morris, for his part, has responded in customary fashion. Stump’s final tweet on the matter encouraged his followers to block Morris, and though this will all soon get lost in the sands of the web, Stump sincerely taking on an open troll is certainly admirable in its self-defeatism.