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Enduring Power of Whitney Houston’s ‘Always Love You’ Grounds Airplane Mid-Flight

Passenger Detained Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You

On Friday (May 10) a commercial airliner had to make an emergency landing in Kansas City when an agitated/inspired passenger refused to stop belting out Whitney Houston songs, reports Missouri station KCTV. American Airlines flight number 4 was en route to New York City (JFK) from Los Angeles (LAX) when the unidentified woman began her performance. In the clip above, she can be seen being escorted away by authorities while singing “I Will Always Love You,” originally written by Dolly Parton but massively popularized by Houston in 1992 via The Bodyguard soundtrack.

“The woman was being disruptive and was removed from the plane for interfering with the flight crew,” said airport spokesman Joe McBride to the local news outlet. “There was a federal air marshal on the aircraft, who subdued the woman and put her in cuffs and removed her from the plane.” She was not allowed to reboard, apparently blamed her state on a case of diabetes, and was eventually sent from the airport in a taxi once she calmed down, ABC reports. “The plane was refueled and continued to JFK – landing with less than an hour delay,” a spokesperson from American Airlines confirmed.