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See Palma Violets Pick Fights and Blow Things Up in ‘Best of Friends’ Video

England's new punk heros start trouble for '180' single

London punks Palma Violets do that whole functional-degenerate thing pretty damned well. They were best in class at Coachella’s weekend two, and when SPIN’s own David Marchese profiled them for our Breaking Out series, Alexander “Chilli” Jesson explained the quartet’s unsurprising M.O. thusly: “If there’s one thing we’re trying to do musically, it’s sound like we fucking mean it.” So one hopes that they really do want to be BFFs when they sing, at every show, the chorus of their most earworming hit, “Best of Friends.” Of course, the track is really glibly directed at a woman who wants to get serious — “I wanna be your best friend / I don’t want you to be my girl” — but it’s hard not to crack a smile when these 21-year-old drinking buddies do their thing. In the above video for the aforementioned 180 album single, Jesson and the boys perform to an indifferent audience in between wreaking minor havoc around town. Garbage cans are blown up, classic cars are busted into, security cameras are cracked, fights are picked. Basically, a day in the life of your average droog.