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Hear Old Money Philosophize on Future-Rap Banger ‘Doctor Doctor’

Old Money 'Doctor Doctor' Stream Fire in the Dark

Ahmad Julian and Andre Oswald are Old Money, a pair of New York producer-MCs whose respective Jamaican and Guyanese roots influence their unique vision. Though they were raised in the tougher parts of town, as youths the pair attended prestigious academic institutions in predominantly white areas of the northeast, and their forthcoming mixtape will explore both their past and the dichotomies that it’s presented. 

Fire in the Dark is due out May 28 on DJ /rupture’s Dutty Artz label. Though its subject matter is compelling enough to make a great listen, the music is equally noteworthy. Below you’ll find “Doctor Doctor,” which kicks off with a snippet of Chris Rock’s famous “Mo’ ‘tussin” bit and soon becomes and bass-warped futuristic rap track powered by rhythms as old as time. Over the jittery dance track, the chorus sounds particularly bleak: “You better learn to control that cough, if we pay doctor the light go off / … / You better walk off that broken bone, if we pay doctor we no have home.” Above you’ll find the trailer for Fire in the Dark, which pits an empowering speech by black scholar Ivan van Sertima against a distorted voice repeating the word “crime” ad infinitum.