Stream Natasha Kmeto’s Dazzling ‘Idiot Proof’

Stream Natasha Kmeto Idiot Proof song premiere

Portland soul-futurist Natasha Kmeto wears two hats as singer-songwriter and electronic producer on dazzling new song “Idiot Proof.” Holding court over a galloping dance-floor rhythm, the recent Best New 5 alumna booms like a freestyle diva: “It’s been awhile / I need peace.” Jolts of synth call back to ’90s house while Grimes-like whispers root “Idiot Proof” firmly in the present. The track hails from Crisis, her sophomore solo album (due June 18 on Dropping Gems) following her 2010 full-length debut, Expressor, and two era-straddling EPs. Enjoy the new one below.

Natasha Kmeto’s Crisis track listing:
1. “Crisis”
2. “Idiot Proof”
3. “Brushstrokes”
4. “Last Time”
5. “Morning Sex”
6. “Take Out”
7. “Vodka Diet”
8. “Buried”
9. “Deeply
10. “Prideless”


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