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Watch Mikal Cronin’s Cathartic ‘Change’ Video

Mikal Cronin / Photo by Denee Petracek

Last week, San Francisco garage-pop craftsman MIkal Cronin unleashed MCII, his SPIN Essential sophomore full-length and one of the best records of the year so far. “Change” is its most aggressive moment, a “wild and wooly” guitar freakout “made more forceful by dizzying strings and woodwinds.” So for its video, Cronin brings the song to a house party for friends and strangers alike, including an invisible kid who makes good use of the song’s dizzying final minute. Director Claire Marie Vogel makes a quick cameo early on — meganerds may recognize her from her role as Ty Segall’s cheating girlfriend in Epsilons’ Laguna Beach-lampooning “Teeny Boppers” clip, which used Cronin’s home for its closing (house party) scene back in 2007.