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Matthew Dear Electrifies the Hop on ‘Beams’ B-Side ‘She’s Just That Way’

Matthew Dear 'She's Just That Way' 'Beams' Complete Edition

Matthew Dear’s fifth album Beams was a masterwork for the avant-inclined singer/producer, combining computerized effects and live instrumentation in a way that brought new bubble and fizz to the man’s unusual electro-pop concoctions. So while it’s still a bit early to reissue the 2012 release, we’re pleased nonetheless that Ghostly International will soon offer the “Complete Edition” thereof. Rounding out the original’s 11 tracks are the four unique songs found on the Headcage EP, the previously shared B-side “Crimewaves,” a boat-load of remixes and the never-heard song “She’s Just That Way.” You’ll find that streaming below in all of its old-school swoon and down-at-the-hop bounce. Over pulsing keys and chopped vocals, Dear puts on his most dapper baritone and leads us through a lovely radio transmission beamed in from another era. The expanded version of Beams is out June 18 and remixers on board include TOBACCO, Seth Troxler, Michna, and Poolside. Full track list below.

Matthew Dear, Beams Complete Edition track list:

1. “Her Fantasy”
2. “Earthforms”
3. “Headcage”
4. “Fighting Is Futile”
5. “Up & Out”
6. “Overtime”
7. “Get the Rhyme Right”
8. “Ahead of Myself”
9. “Do the Right Thing”
10. “Shake Me”
11. “Temptation”
12. “She’s Just That Way” *
13. “Crimewaves”
14. “In the Middle (I Met You There)” [feat. Jonny Pierce]
15. “Street Song”
16. “Around a Fountain”
17. “Flunker”
18. “Earthforms” (TOBACCO Remix) *
19. “Earthforms” (Jessy Lanza Remix) *
20. “Earthforms” (Michna Remix) *
21. “Her Fantasy” (Poolside Remix) *
22. “Her Fantasy” (Tornado Wallace Remix)
23. “Fighting Is Futile” (Seth Troxler Remix)
24. “Fighting Is Futile” (KiNK Remix)
25. “Fighting Is Futile” (Benoit & Sergio Remix)
26. “Fighting Is Futile” (Laid Back Remix)
27. “Fighting Is Futile” (KiNK Extended Dub)