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Hear Laurel Halo Tease Release on Throbbing ‘Sex Mission’

Laurel Halo 'Sex Mission' Beyond the Green Door EP

Best New Artist alumna and recent SPIN interview subject Laurel Halo is prepping the release of Behind the Green Door, the EP follow-up to her spine-tingling 2012 long-player, Quarantine. As SPIN’s own Philip Sherburne put it, the May 21 Hyperdub release dives “headfirst into churning, tumbling rhythms informed by Detroit and U.K. techno,” and the latest taste from the thing is no exception. NPR premiered the nearly eight-minute “Sex Mission,” which you can stream below, and it indeed owes both classic house music and current production notions. The song’s steady mechanical thud is backed by a quiet jazz kit, a voice echoes “be still” in an endless loop, and the atmosphere builds until it seems like the entire track will crack open. The thing is, it never does — it merely teases the possibility of release, which makes it a formidable danger on the dance floor and a perfect zone-out for headphones. Coming soon to a Four Tet set near you: