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See Kinski’s Claymation Freakout ‘Let Me Take You Through My Thought Process’

Kinski Let Me Take You Through My Thought Process Video

For their sixth LP, Cosy Moments, shred-happy Seattle psych-punks Kinski have tightened up their approach and put main man Chris Martin up front. “I was getting tired of hearing people step on wah pedals and solo over psych rock,” says the guitar-slinging singer via statement. “There were so many bands doing that, including us…We wanted to make something more direct.”

You don’t get much closer to the source than the very literally titled “Let Me Take You Through My Thought Process,” a riff-forward rocker featuring a blast of stream-of-consciousness lyrics: “Growing older, critics say / Solo album, Milky Way.” The track’s video accompaniment is a good fit. Utilizing a combination of Claymation and lo-bit game graphics, director Owen Cook tells the Tron-reminiscent tale of an arcade obsessive whose hobby pulls him into a world of galactic swirls, flying skulls and eternal damnation. The words “Game Over” never looked so sweet.