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Ke$ha and Throw a Wildly Inclusive Party in ‘Crazy Kids’ Video


Ke$ha’s late-2012 sophomore album Warrior, our own Chuck Eddy wrote, “could use more class warrior.” The video for the version doesn’t quite get back to spewing in rich dude’s closets or blowing off Benzed-up bourgie friends Eddy and the rest of us miss, but the house party it shows sure ain’t that exclusive New York “punk” gala where Kanye West declared himself a god.

Ke$ha tries on a few different outlandish costumes, but the most memorable is her Riff Raff-like getup with braids and gold teeth. is there as a hologram in a golden astronaut suit. But so are graying biker dudes. Wait, maybe that means we’re all the crazy kids?! Pass the glittery bottles and pray they don’t contain a substance that would incur the professional outrage of the Parents Television Council.

Watch over at MTV or, once available, below. Darren Craig, who also helmed Warrior‘s psychedelic-waitress “C’mon” video, directs.