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Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ Also Has the Most Outlandish Album Art of the Year


On the heels of new song “New Slaves” debuting on the facades of 66 buildings, Kanye West’s equally innovative Yeezus cover art has emerged online. The packaging appears to feature a gold sticker and a piece of red tape — or a sticker resembling a piece of red tape — on a clear jewel case, with a marble-patterned CD blending into the background. The centuries-old high art aesthetic is carried over from previous albums My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Cruel Summer, but with a guerrilla twist that has begun to define West’s most recent album cycle.

Yeezus is also available on iTunes as a pre-order — 14 untitled tracks are unlisted, with 13 of them running 3:02 in length. It has not yet been confirmed if those are the true song lengths.