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What We Know About Kanye West’s ‘God’ly Follow-Up to ‘Fantasy’

Kanye / Photo by Getty Images

Something will be released on June 18th.

The above was tweeted by Kanye this morning. Due to his crypticism, it’s hard to tell what exactly this refers to — album? single? Kimye baby due date? — but June 18 is a Tuesday, which seems to point to it being the release date for his album. Rap Radar’s Elliot Wilson posted a screenshot of the tweet on Instagram with the caption “Kanye West. New Album. 6.18.13,” then tweeted that Def Jam’s Chris Atlas confirmed the date to him. Wilson later backtracked on that confirmation, deleting the original tweet.

Something on the album (or the album itself) will be titled “I Am a God” (or “I Am God”).

The exact details surrounding Kanye calling himself a god (or God!) have yet to be pinned down, but there’s enough smoke here to believe there’s a fire. ?uestlove tweeted, I Am God…. (you’ll get it later)” in late March, while Huffington Post reported that a single off the album will be called “I Am a God.” 

The album is completed, or close to it.

Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg reported last week that West’s album is completed, and he has reportedly played music off the album for some Def Jam staffers. West still may be tweaking the sound, but his upcoming appearance on SNL is a strong indication that the album is ready to be rolled out.

The album is “dark.”

Rosenberg described the album as “dark,” and Chicago rap blog Fake Shore Drive has said the album is rumored to be influenced by Chicago’s menacing drill scene. This development would be a continuation from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which, you know, has the word “dark” in the title.

Daft Punk will appear on the album.

The robots revealed to Rolling Stone that they have been working with Kanye, which prompted West’s tour DJ A-Trak to tweet that he has heard the tracks and that they are “insane.” It still remains to be seen if those songs are for this project.

Basically every walking musician could be on the album.

For MBDTF, Kanye famously flew his collaborators out to a Hawaiian compound to record. This time around he set up shop in Paris, and has reporteldy hosted a roster of artists that would make the VMAs envious. It includes: Skrillex, 2 Chainz, The-Dream, Azealia Banks, and a number of Chicago drill stars.

It’s going to be awesome.

So says everybody