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See Justin Bieber’s Nimble Security Guard Fend Off Rabid Teenage Attacker

Justin Bieber has had better years. In early March he collapsed backstage in London, then a day later he attempted to attack a paparazzo while leaving his hotel, telling a cameraman that he would “beat the fuck” out of him. A week later he posted on Instagram to refute rumors that he needed to go to rehab, saying that it wouldn’t be necessary because he’s successful. He returned home to Los Angeles in late March, where he then allegedly spit on his neighbor, who accused him of battery. In mid-April he visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, where he naively wrote in the guestbook that, “Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” Then a few weeks ago in Stockholm, his tour bus was raided by police, who discovered weed and a stun gun (a classic combination). Over the weekend in Dubai, he was nearly tackled onstage in Dubai.

During the concert, a Belieber ran up from the crowd and attempted to embrace the singer. But before he could do that, he was engulfed by a security member, who had sprinted over to tackle the man. In doing so, a grand piano was knocked over, which appeared to topple onto the duo. Bieber, for his part, managed to escape the entanglement, skipping offstage as the crowd shrieked in horror. The singer was just fine — and uh, so was that uninterrupted vocal track.