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Hodgy Beats Shouts Out Ron Swanson on Darkly Bubbling ‘Years’

Hodgy Beats 'Years' Odd Future Single Untitled 2

Odd Future co-founder and MellowHype member Hodgy Beats is dropping a brand new EP on June 1. Very few details have been released about Untitled 2, but the OF camp has let loose the first song, “Years.” The darkly toned production is minimal but effective, relying on ominous electronic pulses, thick washes of heavy atmosphere, and crisp trap-style drums. Verbally, Hodgy is in top form, sounding relaxed and swaggy even as he speeds up the flow for the second verse. Also, he manages to string a Parks & Recreations reference to an NWA shout-out in the span of two bars, which has got to be mean something to whatever rap gods smile down on clever weirdos. Hodgy also appears on The JellyFish Mentality, the new free album from Jet Age of Tomorrow, which (for those who aren’t keeping copious notes) is the solo-ish project from Matt Martians of the Internet.