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Hear Grumbling Fur’s More-Eno-Than-Evil ‘Dancing Light’

Duo of doom-raised Sunn O))) collaborators explore electronic pop on new 'Glynnaestra' LP for Thrill Jockey

Alexander Tucker and Daniel O’Sullivan hail from the experimental noise and black metal worlds, but together they make rich electronic pop that owes more to Brian Eno than to Sunn O))). Never mind the fact that each member of Grumbling Fur has, in his own time, recorded with doom god Stephen O’Malley — their forthcoming album Glynnaestra is imbued with lightness even as it channels the enigmatic kraut-fuzz of This Heat. There’s something distinctly British about their influences, but their sound is a thing that knows neither time nor place. Take “Dancing Light,” for instance. Over moody synthesizers and a driving rhythm as beat-oriented as it is rock-addled, the men harmonize about what seems to be a life-altering internal/external voyage that’s steeped in the mundane: “I could go outside / If I wanted to, it would be all right.” Glynnaestra is out July 23 on Thrill Jockey.