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Grizzly Bear Are Grizzly Besties With Ellen Now

grizzly bear, ellen

Grizzly Bear made friends with Ellen DeGeneres back in April when the Brooklynites taped a performance of Shields single “Yet Again” for her daytime talk show. DeGeneres called Grizzly Bear one of her favorite bands and snapped a photo with the group (via Instagram). Lead vocalist Ed Droste gushed about the meet-and-greet later on Twitter: “Ellen and Portia [de Rossi] are so nice and welcoming,” he wrote. “Feel like we are playing their house they are so enthusiastic.” 

The root of this budding friendship finally aired Friday (May 24). Due to time constraints, the SPIN-approved Grizzlies played a truncated version of the song, chopping off its mad freakout of a coda like the considerate house guests they are, knowing not to overstay their welcome in front of Ellen‘s soccer-mom audience. 

Watch the performance above, and be sure to check out SPIN’s list of the 100 Greatest Drummers of Alternative Music, which features Grizzly Bear’s Chris Bear.