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Giorgio Moroder Charmingly Discusses His Mustache and Career in RBMA Lecture

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Even if Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, a SPIN Essential, is proving to be a divisive album amongst music fans, only the hardest cynic wouldn’t crack a smile while considering the career renaissance that Giorgio Moroder is experiencing as a result. The legendary Italian producer recently gave his debut DJ performance at the age of 73, and has been the subject of new documentaries and in-depth interviews (including our own “Back to the Future” feature) since collaborating with those French disco ‘droids on the song “Giorgio by Moroder.”

In a freshly recorded two-hour lecture hosted by Red Bull Music Academy, the man discusses his newfound fame (and why he turned down the soundtrack to the film Fame), plus explores his rich history creating music for Donna Summer and others. As readers may already know from watching his “Collaborators” video, Moroder is a charming, insightful speaker whose interest in electronic music has never waned. And considering his credits include David Bowie, Blondie, Freddie Mercury, and the Midnight Express score, to name a few, we’d all be wise to sit back and listen.

Stream Moroder’s RBMA lecture over at Huffington Post.