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See Futurebirds Race Across the States in ‘Serial Bowls’ Video

Futurebirds / Photo by Jason Thrasher

Because Futurebirds trade in country-rooted psych-rock, it’s completely in character for the Athens, Georgia outfit to juice their just-unveiled tour diary video for “Serial Bowls” — a surf rock-strummed cut off the Fat Possum signees’ recently released sophomore album, Baba Yaga — with giddy, high-speed effects. When the heartland wanderers aren’t powering through their purple-lit live show, they’re on the road, in a van, hanging out, unloading gear, carrying out all all the usual duties of a traveling band. Except everything here is on fast-forward, lending just the right amount of surreal to their work day. It’s a way of seeing starry-eyed wonder with road warrior clarity.