Four Tet Blends Prince, Joy Orbison, and Stanley Clarke in Time-Traveling Mix

Four Tet Beats in Space Mix Prince Joy Orbison Stanley Clarke

Unlike rock bands, producers like Four Tet are freed from the tyranny of their past glories when they perform for a crowd. Even as we lovingly look back at Kieran Hebden’s decade-old masterpiece Roundsthe man admits that he doesn’t work any of those old songs into his sets. “The only reason to play them now would be nostalgia, and nostalgia could very easily get in the way of new ideas,” Hebden tells SPIN. But in DJ mode, Four Tet and his ilk get to geek out like the rest of us over the great works of artists past and present. Take his brand new mix for Tim Sweeney’s ever-reliable Beats in Space radio show and podcast. Streaming and downloadable below, the hour-long set includes everything from Prince to unreleased James Holden, to a Stanley Clarke edit to Atoms for Peace’s remix of Four Tet’s own “Pyramids.” In the brief interview that precedes, Hebden shares that he’s got an unreleased Coldplay remix in the holster. Stay tuned for that.

Four Tet, Beats in Space mix:

1. James Holden – “Gone Feral (Synth Tool)”
2. Four Tet – “Pyramid (Atoms for Peace Remix)”
3. Prince – “Feel You Up”
4. Prince – “Irresistible Bitch”
5. Jai Paul – “Track 2”
6. DJ Spider & Marshallito – “Skywalker”
7. Jon Hopkins – “Open Eye Signal (Happa Remix)”
8. Pearson Sound – “Gridlock”
9. Stanley Clarke – “Lopsy Lu (Edit)”
10. Neneh Cherry & Afrika Baby Bam – “Nina”
11. Joy Orbison & Boddika – “Tricky’s Team”
12. RocketNumberNine – “Rotunda (Four Tet Remix)”
13. – –
14. Digi Dub Mk3 – “Taxman”
15. Novelette Barnett – “Fire De a Town”
16. Sylvester – “I Need Somebody to Love Tonight”
17. Michael Boothman – “What You Won’t Do for Love”
18. Four Tet – “Human Once Again (Grimes)”
19. Koreless – “Ivana”


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