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Hear Evidence’s Regal New Single ‘Self Taught’


Evidence’s new single “Self Taught” opens with a line from a 2005 Gang Starr B-side called “So Wassup?!”: “I’m back to set it straight / I’m self-made and self-taught.” The track that follows unfurls with appropriate fanfare: rolling snares, cut-up horns that blast like cannons of confetti and, naturally, samples of an audience cheering and applauding. It’s a bold statement to lead off the Dilated Peoples MC and producer’s new album Green Tape Instrumentals, which will be released on June 25 on Decon. The record is the fourth installment of Evidence’s instrumental album series, following in the footsteps of 2004’s Yellow Tape Instrumentals, 2007’s Red Tape Instrumentals and 2008’s Purple Tape Instrumentals

The 20-song track list and the album’s artwork are below:

1. “Self Taught”
2. “Killer Bees”
3. “Run It Back”
4. “Waste Of Time”
5. “Roc Germany”
6. “West Coasting”
7. “F Train”
8. “3 Murals”
9. “First Light”
10. “Braille”
11. “Break!”
12. “India”
13. “His Country”
14. “Before Tour”
15. “Scrolling”
16. “Synth Moments”
17. “Good Evening”
18. “Mariachi”
19. “Bong”
20. “Scary Clown Music”