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Hear Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan Seek ‘Happiness’ on New Eluvium Song

From the ambient expert's May 'Nightmare Ending' LP

Yo La Tengo vocalist and recent Words of Wisdom-giver Ira Kaplan contributes to the latest leak from Portland ambient o.g. Eluvium. The man born Matthew Cooper is gearing up to release his sixth album, a double-disc set dubbed Nightmare Ending, May 14 via Temporary Residence. So far we’ve had a chance to hear the gentle, reverie-like “Entendre” and the blooming “Envenom Mettle,” both of which were instrumentals. But new song “Happiness” finds Kaplan cooing lovely what-ifs (“If I could push dark thoughts away / If I pretend the world is safe”) over a lightly drifting lullaby that sounds like a precursor to a dream rather than the conclusion of one. For meatier stuff, be sure to experience Yo La Tengo’s gorgeous ;Fade, but first envision a more perfect existence with Eluvium.